Lovely Fonts For Valentine’s Day

in Inspiration on January 23, 2019by grapbox

Summer Loving Font Collection

Introducing the brand new set of ultra-textured SVG Fonts designed with high resolution paintbrush detail built right in – No need to spend hours creating your own hand-painted letters – just type these babies right onto your project.

New to SVG fonts is support for Opentype Ligatures and Alternate letters – which I’ve added in abundance for you in this one – to make your projects look truly authentic and realistic.

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The Lovestory Font Collection

Lovestory SVG Fonts are made by converting hand painted watercolour lettering , unchanged, including all its transparency and high resolution watercolour detail – into an actual font – as you type your letters out, it looks like you have just hand painted them.

Uppercase and Lowercase Alternate Letters : Whistful & Romantic , Lovestory SVG font comes in two variations, to allow you to pick and choose which letters best suit the look you are after.

Lovingly Friends

Introducing “Lovingly Friends” – a community of fonts that get along together as good as best friends do. All of the fonts – Sans, Serif, Notes, Script and Extras are packed with stylistic alternates and ligatures, you can combine them the way you like – they will look balanced together as well as individually. Script and Engraved fonts also have a Shadow style – to add more personality to your designs. You can download the Specimen & Instructions pdf here

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Fun smooth brush font, Hey Girl

Hey Girl is a fun, brush font with a bouncy baseline. This playful font will give your designs that fresh, modern feel to it and will look lovely on quotes, cards and all your other lovely projects. Hey Girl has nice smooth lines which makes it perfect for crafters and cutting machines.

Love Story Typeface

This font is handmade and Very suitable for those of you who like handcrafted, you can use it for various design purposes.  Very suitable for design purposes that prioritize the natural side of handwriting like, birthday invitation, book cover or music album, for the purposes of correspondence, brochures, business cards and many more.

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Love At First Bite

Plumpy handmade sans serif font “Love At First Bite”. Font supports cyrillic and latin alphabet.

Here’s What’s Included:

  • LoveAtFirstBite OTF
  • LoveAtFirstBite TTF
  • LoveAtFirstBite WOFF

The Simply Sweet Font Duo

Say hello to “SIMPLY SWEET!” , a delicious new Font Duo that together make super sweet designs!

Flamboyant and curvaceous, the playful script includes a large selection of alternate characters to choose from as well as natural looking ligatures to add to the authenticity of the lettering. A collection of whimsical end and beginning swashes are also included to add a finishing touch or fill design space in your type designs.

Complimenting it, is a cute little wonky all caps serif font , with double letter ligatures for a natural look.

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